Patients part of research project in Digby

Joel Arsenault and the team from the Digby & Area Health Services Centre.
Joel Arsenault and the team from the Digby & Area Health Services Centre.

The project Joel Arsenault was involved with at Digby and Area Health Services centre is part of a research study funded through a Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation grant. It is led by Drs. Ruth Martin-Misener and Tara Sampalli, and includes a larger research team which includes patients as team members. The study looks at What does patient-centred team-based care mean for Nova Scotians specifically for those with complex conditions and needs such as having multiple chronic conditions.

The Digby collaborative family practice team is one of several similar primary care, and chronic disease management teams, participating in this study in various locations across Nova Scotia.

The study is trying to provide a better understanding of challenges, opportunities and innovations in improving team-based care for patients with complex needs in Nova Scotia. These perspectives are being gathered in a number of creative ways from patients and teams as part of this research. Digby and other similar practices are providing a very important view of the challenges that exist in rural areas.

Even though his summer job is over, Joel will continue working on writing publications related to the current research and possibly be part of the multi-province study with Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador that has been recently funded with Drs. Martin-Misener and Sampalli as the lead investigators, and Nova Scotia as the leading province.

This study will build on the current work and take a closer look at how patients with multiple chronic conditions, are having their complex needs met in primary care settings. This study will try to identify innovations and strategies being applied across provinces with a focus on rural areas.

“The research we are doing is also important because we are working with relatively new concepts when it comes to how the team works together and how the complex patients are viewed,” said Joel.